​​​​In The Company Of The Alerissa Boxers

The Boxers of Charles D. and Rebecca Kunz

Bach, The Guardian Angel
11/2/96 - 4/22/08

Bach, I miss you so much my dear friend. It was you who brought me to love the Boxer so much that I had to bring so many into your life. You loved each and everyone of them and became their Guardian Angel.

Bach, I will never forget all the adventures we have had together. I have a smile upon my face when I remember how much you loved the mudd and the water. Yes, the days that you had to find the one corner of the yard with all the mudd and roll in it. So glad that you would walk into the shower in the basement and stand there patiently. And then if the sprinkler was on how you enjoyed running through it. The many adventures at the lake when you enjoyed a day of swimming or actually laying down in the water. You even enjoyed the lake when it was frozen. So much so that your little buddy Mozart had to save you from falling in. Mozart your best friend the terrier who ruled the Boxers. He took you on so many adventures with us and without us. He always brought you home so guess he must have loved you. Such a very special boy that loved everyone you met and every one you met loved you. Until we met again...

Date of Birth: 4/24/2005 -7/26/2014

Elijah died from complications of being bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider

Today we say goodbye to UKC GR CH Jenbur's Elijahs Coming "aka Elijah". It is with a heavy heart that I write these words and today is one of those days that I hate what has happened to one of ours. I have dealt with the pain of letting more than one of our babies go. I Know that they are all no longer in pain and hopefully running and loving all the Alerissa Boxers romping in the beautiful green fields. Burton & Jen, thank you so much for allowing Elijah to share his life with us. Elijah was loved by so many. He gave every kid and person he met a loving hug. I remember one day in the ring when he was being shown by his human papa Chico and all of sudden he spotted Rose in the ring behind him. He had to take that moment to go to Rose and give her a hug. His kids, especially the boys that came to Willow Wood to meet the new puppies, they always wanted to take Elijah home. He touched so many hearts... But no heart was touched as much as Chico, my husband Charles Kunz. The loved they shared was like no other. A special bond, a special love.
Elijah loved Willow Wood from the first moment he arrived. The trip home from Jen's house was a confusion to him. The moment he met Sky our homebred girl from our beloved Hope she was just 8 weeks old and just a few days older than Elijah. Hope became his surrogate momma. Sky and Elijah became the best of friends. The plan was that I would show him in conformation. From day one he would stack for me but would not move with me. And so he met his best friend Bernard Atkins, his handler. And he showed his heart out for Bernard. In UKC he was shown by his human papa Chico who brought to become a UKC Grand Champion.
Elijah I love you today, tomorrow, eternally. Run Free UGR CH Jenbur's Elijahs Coming and hope someday we meet again.

Duckie Doo
1/16/2001 - 12/13/2012

 As I held you in my arms, talking to you,  you looked up.  You were not looking at me.  That moment you had all strength to see, to hold your head up and as my words soothed your soul, you left us. My sweet girl I will miss you.   The tears I cry are not for you, as I know you are running once again with Charlie. 

Destiny came to live with us when she was a year old.  When she came to us she was called Duck.   Her registered name Duckie Doo.  I could not keep that name as she became my Destiny that is what I would call her.  My husband always called her Duck and also gave her the name "The Duchess of Duckington".   She had one litter of puppies and was a great mom. 

To describe Desitny is one word FUN, She loved to have fun. When she did agility, her favorite thing to do was zoom around the agility arena. Due to a leg injury Destiny's time to play the game of agility ended almost as soon as it began.  

Destiny was Grandpa Charlie's special girl and always followed him around Willow Wood.   He loved that girl as much as she loved him.  Destiny loved the kids.   Destiny loved to be under a blanket and cuddle time was precious to her. 
So many memories...

UKC CH Angel Baby Rebecca's Hope NA OAJ NAP OJP
4/19/1999 - 7/26/2007

Angel, the day you arrived you captured my heart,
You changed my life right from the start...
Words are hard to come,
to express that glitter of Hope.
An angel to some...
The lives you managed to touch,
a piece of you to each of us.
A memory of complete love.
You will be missed so very much.  

Left with a hallow spot in my heart and a scrapbook of your life, our lives how do I begin to
tell your story, our story, what your were to us and always will be.

In a day that life was to be celebrated with the birth of your grand puppies your life was
flashing before you, struggling to wait for us.

One day a healthy vibrant boxer girl who still competed in agility at the age of 8 and the next
day struck by something unknown to all of us, leaving us with questions of why.

On July 26, 2007 at 3:10 a.m. with the guidance of Dr. Laure Crow D.V.M Hope crossed the rainbow bridge Hope was beleived to have Coonhound paralaysis.

Hope is our foundation for the Alerissa Boxers.  She lives on through her daughters; Faith and Sky,  her grand daughters; Flirt, Boston, her great grand daughters Izzy, Madison and Fredee,  Forever Hope...

view more of Hope on her web page

Angel Baby Rebecca's Hope

Jo Jo the first Boxer of Charles E. Kunz family

Angel Baby Brahms

5/5/99 - 11/25/11

Sweet Honey Brahms, the mother to many and the nanny to all

Dear Brahms,
As I held you in my arms on the drive to Dr. Dawn I told you one of your favorite stories about the first ride we had together.  In July of 1999 was when we met.   At first I had called you my little fireball but then that name changed to my sweet honey Brahms.  And yes you were as sweet as the lullaby we named you for.   I thought oh you would ride in the crate to our home, Willow Wood.  But no you wanted nothing to do with that crate that day and so I crawled in the back of the jeep and held you in my arms for the 10 hour ride home.   When we arrived to Willow Wood you knew everything would be okay when you met your new best friends; the Boxers, Bach and Hope and the terrier mix, Mozart.   Hope was just a few weeks older than you and you soon became the best of friends.   Bach the big Boxer boy who we referred to as the Guardian Angel watched over you and Hope.   Mozart you adored and would get all wiggling everytime you seen him.  When we brought Chopin home in August of 2000 he became your special boy.  Chopin was the love of your life.  You loved having puppies and was the best mommy to them.  You and Chopin had some beautiful fawn babies.  And when you couldn't have any puppies of your own you loved all the puppies that were born here. Chico was your favorite of all the people and he named you the Barroness of Brahmington.  The adventures you had in your 12 1/2 years at Willow Wood were very special to all that loved you.  And everyone that met you fell in love with your sweet disposition.   It is so very hard to let you go and know that I will never hold you in my arms again.  Barroness  we will remember you as the mother to many and the nanny to all. 

Angel Baby Chopin

Bach The Guardian Angel

Chopin, Hope and Brahms under the willow with Bach standing behind them.

Alerissa's Official Flirtation

Willow Wood's Faith NAJ OAJ

Sire: Angel Baby Rebecca's Hope NA OAJ NAP OJP CGC

2/25/2003 - 7/21/2015

Faith, the papa's girl.  You loved him so and he you.  I know he wanted to protect you forever from any pain.  Faith, our singleton puppy had a special attachment from the very beginning.  Would see Chico and Faith wondering around outside and when it was not Chico it was his dad Charlie.  Faith loved her special guys. 

She had fun in agility with me but I can look back at the memories of Faith leaving me in the ring for a special person in or out of the ring.  The stubborn little girl would never sit on the table in agility ring but the moment she came out of the ring and was told to sit, she would.  Faith knew almost everything you told her.  She was smart, loving and a bit of Flirt.  Hence why we named her daughter Flirt.  

Hard to say goodbye but as hard to watch her last months. Faith a few months before her 12th birthday signs of DM and at 12 1/2 we said goodbye

Angel Baby Brahms

Jenbur's Elijahs Coming

Date of Birth: 10/13/2006 - 3/17/16
Sire:   Shadoefax's Official Business
Dam:  Willow Wood's Faith NA OAJ NJS NAC

Flirt from a litter of two you knew right from the start that you wanted to be in charge. My beautiful Flirt, my girl who wanted to go into ring and demand attention the way you did outside of the ring.   And all you wanted was the attention just for you.  In a house full of Boxers, retired from the show ring we decided you needed to become the queen you always wanted to be.  And Kevin enters your life.  His first Boxer and you captured his heart.  You taught him the love of a Boxer and he gave you the life of a queen.   We were blessed to have Kevin living on and helping with our property.  Flirt had the best of both worlds still able to love us and see us but live her life in her home.  Flirt raised her grandson, Elvis.  Flirt loved us all but loved her special guy above all.  I know Kevin loves her to the moon and back and always will.    Forever in all of our hearts

Angel Baby Chopin


Whispers in
the Willow
In a moment
of time,
we love,
we laugh,
we cry...

 Angel Baby Chopin, the best boy in the world. I miss him each and every day. He loved with all his heart and soul. He loved his puppies. Playing with them and being the best father. He died 5 days before his last litter was born.

Chopin, my gentle boy was too young to leave us. Chopin died from a drug called Acepromazine. A drug that should never be given to a Boxer. And yes, I should have known, and yes, my vet should have known, but we did not. You trust your veterinarian completely and think they know what is best. We never questioned. The drug, Acepromazine was given to me to give to him during thunder storms. That year we had lightning strike within Chopin's sight. He became terrified of the storms. Weeks passed and finally frantic I asked the vet for something that I could give him to calm him. Chopin died in my arms.

Chopin was the most gentle boxer boy. He loved the puppies he sired, playing and letting them crawl all over him.

Beautiful Boy
Loving Boy
Soulfull Eyes
Heart of Gold
These are the things
I will always remember
I miss you my Angel Boy

Willow Wood's Faith

Duckie Doo

Forever In Our Hearts