​​​​​In The Company Of The Alerissa Boxers

CH Alerissa's Show Me The Way CH Alerissa's Taking Care Of Business UKC GCH Jenbur's Elijahs Coming CH High River's Taylor Made Of Backwoods, SOM CH High River's Cadet Of Salbad CH High River's On Fire SOM
Adad's Manilena
High River's Classic Rose CH High River's On Fire SOM
High River's Roxanne
Jenbur's Lady Shana Padd's Fire Walker CH High River's On Fire
Padd's Risky Business
Sarazan's Lady Lucy Glory's Against The Wind
Elsa Sarazan's
CH Alerissa's Simply Just Iz CH Adellin's Simply Nantess SOM VEN CH Fandango Forest CAN CH Elharlen's Quietus
VEN CH Strawberry's Fandango Fesda
CH Adellin's Black Diamond Jewel DOM CH Savoye's Calibra Flashfire
Adelbrook's Maggie CJ\'s Love
UKC CH Alerissa's Official Flirtation Shadoefax\'s Official Business CH Stephlyn's Stickly Business
Shadoefax's Silhoutte
Willow Wood's Faith NA OAJ NJC NAC Angel Baby Chopin
UKC CH Angel Baby Rebecca's Hope NA OAJ NJP OJP
Alerissa's Play The Game GCH CH Windward & Happy Tail\'s Game Changer GCH CH Barbiloc\'s Dart Image At Happy Tails CD RA OA NAJ CH Breezewoods Lord Wystmont CDX RE CH Barbary Lane Dare Be Bold
CH Breezewoood\'s Reflection
Barbiloc\'s Autumn Spendor CD RN CH Sunscape\'s Splendor
Berlane\'s Debut De Barbiloc
GCH CH Pritchett N Bay\'s \"Doin It Cali Style\" CH Laroba\'s Murbe Chew\'s Big Guy CH Paramount\'s Boogie Nights SOM
Laroba\'s Miss Independent
Murbe Storm Of The Century CH Irondale\'s The Pretender
CH Murbe\'s Yin Yang
UKC Alerissa\'s More Than A Feeling CH Adellin\'s Simply Nantess SOM VEN CH Fandango Forest CAN CH Elharlen\'s Quietus
VEN CH Strawberry\'s Fandango Fesda
CH Adellin\'s Black Diamond DOM CH Savoye\'s Calibra Flashfire
Adelbrook\'s Maggie And CJ\\\'s Love
UKC CH Alerissa Hope\'s High Flyer CGC OA OAJ UKC CH Boxrmor UKC CH UR01 Lil\' Ragin Trouble BN RE THD CH CAN Boxmor\'s Double Trouble
Boxmor\'s All That Jazz
UKC CH Angel Baby Rebecca\'s Hope NA OAJ NAP OJP CH Caldora\'s High Flyer
Jade Wildwoman Baxter

CH Alerissa's  Show Me The Way


Alerissa's Show Me The Way

​named for the song "Show Me The Way" by Peter Frampton

Date of  Birth:  3/20/18
Sire:  CH Alerissa's Taking Care Of  Business
Dam: Alerissa's Play The Game

Futurity Nominated 2019

Health Testing offa results

DM   - Normal

ARVC - a/n 

Advance Cardiac  Echo 1.2 flow 

Holter (pending)

Hips (pending)

Elbows (pending)

Thyroid (pending)

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