​​​​​In The Company Of The Alerissa Boxers

Angel Baby Chopin


Angel Baby Chopin, the best boy in the world. I miss him each and every day. He loved with all his heart and soul. He loved his puppies. Playing with them and being the best father. He died 5 days before his last litter was born.

Chopin, my gentle boy was too young to leave us. Chopin died from a drug called Acepromazine. A drug that should never be given to a Boxer. And yes, I should have known, and yes, my vet should have known, but we did not. You trust your veterinarian completely and think they know what is best. We never questioned. The drug, Acepromazine was given to me to give to him during thunder storms. That year we had lightning strike within Chopin's sight. He became terrified of the storms. Weeks passed and finally frantic I asked the vet for something that I could give him to calm him. Chopin died in my arms.

Chopin was the most gentle boxer boy. He loved the puppies he sired, playing and letting them crawl all over him.