The Boxer is a medium sized dog ranging from 21" in height for a female to 25" for a male. Adult weight is 50 -65 for a female and 65-80 for a male.

Boxers are good with children. Although, they can knock small children over when playing. They need to be trained not to jump on children or people. I recommend that a young boxer attend obedience training. They love being with their family. Sometimes a clown and always a puppy. Boxers seem like they never grow up. Even as adults they love to play. Boxers love their people and love attention. They enjoy daily walks outside. They require exercise daily. They enjoy running and jumping. Some Boxers enjoy agility.

They have a short coat and cannot tolerate extreme cold or heat. They prefer to lay by the fireplace and over the air conditioning vent.

Boxers are not for everyone, but once a Boxer lover, always a Boxer lover.

 The precious life of a Boxer Baby brought into the world and placed in your hands to become a part of your life. Most people say it is just a dog. What do they mean by that, just a dog?
Okay, it is a dog, but a Boxer is not just a dog. They are so much more. Our Boxers are our constant companions, always happy to see us, always ready for a hug, a kiss, a cuddle and they sooth our souls. They listen to all of my ramblings and never grumble back. They make me feel like nothing else matters. They cheer me up when I am sad. They entertain me and make me laugh. They lay by my side when I am ill. They keep me healthy and they motivate me. I have had mixed breeds and pure bred dogs through out my life but none have compared to the life I have had with my beloved Boxers, just a dog…
In 1996 a special Boxer entered my life and changed it forever. Bach, a big lovable brindle boy was brought into my life to be my protector while my husband was on the road. A protector, those that knew him would laugh at that statement. He might have looked like he could take you down. He had the biggest head I have ever seen on a Boxer and probably the biggest Boxer I have ever seen. He weighed about 95lbs. He may have not fit the standard of the Boxer but he had the heart and soul of a Boxer. Into our life at a very young age of 6 weeks old I became his new mother. He was too young to leave his mother. I tried so hard with the crate, tried a box and then eventually he was up in the bed cradled in my arms. And he never left that bed. I sit now with a smile of all the adventures with Bach and the love he brought to my life. He was a gentle loving boy who was always at my side. The one time I needed to be protected, he was there. My protector, just a dog…
And then there was Hope. A beautiful flashy brindle girl with a zest for life who bounced right into my arms the minute I saw her. A joyous girl who my husband thought would mend by heart after dealing with the loss of a stolen Boxer puppy. And mend my heart indeed. This was a girl that would jump the fence to run and herd cows because she thought that it was what she was suppose to do. She needed a job and so we leaned the game of agility. And with agility she motivated me to become a healthier person so I could keep up with her. She loved it and so did I. When sadness entered my life it was Hope who would cuddle against me and lick away those tears. When I was ill and couldn't drag myself out of bed, it was Hope who would lie by my side and cuddle against me and will me to be healthy again. It was Hope that heard every word I said and acted like she knew exactly what I was saying to her. It was Hope that would sing, throwing her head back and humming, howling along to the song to bring a
joyous smile upon my face. It was Hope who loved so unconditionally and filled my heart with joy. And this was, just a dog…
Or I could talk of Chopin, who fathered his puppies, a special boy that left us way too soon. He was a gentle boy who would lie on the ground and let the puppies crawl all over him. He not only loved his kids but he loved our kids. When you looked into those deep dark eyes you could see his love gazing back at you. Each Boxer has similar personalities and some of them may have extra special talents but all of them have one special desire, to love and be loved. Boxers demand to be more than just a dog...

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Hope enters my life and touches my soul. The story of Hope has changed my life. She is my Angel. Hope loves so unconditionally, she seems to know all my feelings, and she challenges me to be a better person. In my younger days I was physically fit and as I grew older I became lazy. Hope and I began the game of agility. The training wasn't suppose to be for me, but for some reason Hope trained me. I grew stronger as a person because of this game that Hope loved so much. I knew I could never be without Hope. Knowing that a Boxer does not live to be as old as human souls I knew I had to carry on
to always have Hope.

I should have known that Hope would never let me choose. On my birthday she brought us Faith. A singleton puppy to carry on and so she became Willow Wood's Faith. Even though she was suppose to be my birthday present Faith became my husbands special girl. Faith was not like Hope, in looks but glimpses of that wonderful personality were there. Faith is her daddy's girl.

And so my journey of Hope begins again. I used to sit under the willow staring at the beautiful blue sky dreaming, praying and being thankful. We were blessed with a second litter from Hope. This time they were 4 puppies, but only two survived. It was a complicated birth and this became Hope's last litter. A stillborn came first, not even fully developed. It was miracle that the two survived, Sky and Stormy. Hope's Angel died 3 days after birth; she was the one that looked like Hope. Stormy was a white puppy that had a smile planted upon her face. And Hope gave us the Sky. Never will we be without Hope.

Willow Wood is home to Charles (Chico) and Rebecca Kunz.  Our Boxer kids are a part of our family and will continue to grow old gracefully with us.

We strive to raise healthy, loving Boxers with great temperaments that will always be a part of a family. We Hope that you find that special bond with your chosen companion.


I have to believe everything happens for a reason. We plan the course of our lives, we learn, we are challenged and we follow that path. The path takes us through many obstacles. The path is never clear and always changing and sometimes not as we had hoped.

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The stories of Joe, the boxer that my husband had as a child led me to my first Boxer, Bach. In 1996, Bach entered our lives and my heart was captured. Bach a big lovable brindle male brought us to love the breed so much that we decided to find a place to be able to have more. On a summer's afternoon and a drive in the country we discovered a place where we could have our dream. In 1998 Willow Wood became ours. Willow Wood is the name of our property, the home of the Angel Baby Boxers and the place where it all began. We had the vision that our registered name would be Willow Wood. When we found out that AKC would not let us register this name we decided on Alerissa. Alerissa was chosen for our grandchildren, Alex and Marissa, our hope for the future.