Our Past Family Of Boxers 

Always in our hearts 

​UKC  CH Alerissa's More Than A Feeling "aka Boston

​UKC CH Alerissa's Peaceful Of Mine "aka Madison

AKC CH ​Alerissa's Play The Game "aka Fredee

CH Alerissa's Take My Breath Away "aka Berlin

Alerissa's Touched By An Angel "aka" Angel

The Other Alerissa Show Boxers 

CH Alerissa's Reflection Of Charon DOM  Prysm

CH Alerissa Taking Care Of Business  Elvis

Intl. CH Alerissa's  Prove Me Wrong   Guapo    14 AKC points

CH Alerissa N Charron's The Hero Gotham Needs   Gotham
Alerissa Unstoppable Force Meets Charron's Unmovable Object  Arkham

AKC CH Alerissa's Show Me The Way "aka Cubby

Alerissa Shimmering In A Charron Sky " aka" Shimmer

UKC CH Angel Baby Rebecca's Hope NA OAJ NAP OJP CGC  Hope

Angel Baby Chopin  Chopin

UKC CH  Willow Wood's Faith NA OJP NAC NJC  Faith

UKC CH Jenbur's Elijahs Coming  Elijah

​​UKC CH Alerissa Hope's High Flyer OA OAJ CGC NAP NAC  Sky

UKC GCH Alerissa's Official Flirtation  Flirt

AKC CH  UKC CH Alerissa's Simply Just Iz  Izzy

AKC reg. name and Breeder Of Merit

located in Davenport, Iowa

Our Family Of Boxers

​​​​​In The Company Of The Alerissa Boxers